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Mærke / modelGreen Attachments Metallileikkuri Yellow S 40
Ekstra valgmulighederNy
Generel tilstand (1-5), 1=dårligst - 5=bedst5
Passer til følgende maskiner40-50 t excavators
CE mærketJa
Driftstryk330 bar
Nødvendigt hydraulisk flow350 l/min
Spånkraft801 t
Transportvægt4.000 kg
Garanti12 months
Øvrige oplysningerScrap shear Yellow S 40 (40 … 50 t) 3910 kg

The Green Attachments Yellow S Scrap shear range has been designed for metal cutting in recycling area. The kinematics of Yellow line scrap shears makes sure that maximum power is reached just in the right moment. There must be enough force to start cutting and also in the end of movement in order to cut sheet metals. The jaw geometry of Yellow S scrap shears and the blade configuration assure a clean linear cut of the scrap metal.

SH scrap shears have been designed for demolishing iron structures and for cutting different structural steels,as pipes, sheets and iron cases. The innovative design and the wear resistant steels used assure big cutting force and convenient weight.

Scrap shears are designed with flange which allows the customer to change adapter easily. Green Attachments provides different adapters when needed.
Denne Green Attachments Metallileikkuri Yellow S 40 entreprenørknusere er ikke tilgængelig mere. Denne Green Attachments Metallileikkuri Yellow S 40 entreprenørknusere var produceret I 2018. På Mascus Danmark kan du finde flere Green Attachments Metallileikkuri Yellow S 40 entreprenørknusere. Detaljer - Generel tilstand (1-5), 1=dårligst - 5=bedst: 5, Passer til følgende maskiner: 40-50 t excavators, CE mærket: Ja, Driftstryk: 330 bar, Nødvendigt hydraulisk flow: 350 l/min, Spånkraft: 801 t, Transportvægt: 4.000 kg, Garanti: 12 months, Forsendelsesbetingelser: EXW, Certifikater: CE