battery mower al-ko 46.2 li sp-w comfort smart ene til salg - Polen

Pris ekskl. moms
5.538 DKK
3.442 PLN
Pris ekskl. moms
5.538 DKK
3.442 PLN
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Mærke / modelbattery mower al-ko 46.2 li sp-w comfort smart ene
Mascus IDBEDB620B
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Pris ekskl. moms5.538 DKK  (3.442 PLN)
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Øvrige oplysningerThe AL-KO Energy Flex
series of products was created with a universal approach in mind, one device and so many possibilities. Energy Flex
is a line of modern multifunctional tools
powered by a lithium-ion battery
, universal for all devices of this line.
AL-KO mowers
are, above all, exceptional durability and quality
. They are equipped with new technologies
ensuring excellent performance
. They are suitable for both beginners
and advanced
gardeners, each machine allows for comfortable
work and perfect cutting
. A wide selection of Alcohol powered mower
models allows you to find the perfect one, just for your garden. Energy Flex
can boast of working in silence, without cables, in harmony with nature, and the
3 in 1
function allows you to individually adjust the method of work to your needs.
The AL-KO Comfort 46.2 Li SP-W
battery mower
is equipped with a
40 W
lithium-ion battery, which allows you to work up to 35 minutes. The cutting width of this model is 46 cm
and the cutting height
is centrally adjustable in 7 levels
. You can set it on a scale from 30 mm to 80 mm. Aerodynamic sheet steel housing
ensures grass clippings pass through the tall housing all the way to the rear of the grass catcher. So you don't have to empty the 70-liter container
with a basket full indicator
so often. The mower has LEDs
that inform about the battery charge level, and the charging time is approx. 120 minutes. It is possible to install two batteries.
It's still not everything! The ALKO Comfort 46.2 Li SP-W
mower has 3-in- 1
functions - what does it mean for you? You can choose
what you want to do with the mowed grass. If you want a quick cut, you choose the mowing option. However, if you prefer perfect cleanliness, you can choose the function of collecting
the cut grass into a large, 70 L basket
. A very interesting and increasingly popular method is the mulching option.
The grass fragments are kept under the deck and shredded
, and then thrown with great air force onto the lawn. The grass decomposes over time, which is a natural fertilizer
and fertilizes the soil
The AL-KO company cares about your comfort! The advantage is the robust steel housing
ergonomic shape, thanks to which narrow alleys are not a problem. The mower has large 200/280
drive wheels to protect the grass but also provide a better track. On the other hand, the wheels equipped with double
ball bearings
ensure trouble-free movement over unevenness. An additional advantage is the possibility of folding the mower, storing it vertically, as well as a handle
placed on the front, which will make it easier to carry the mower to the right place.
The intelligent AL-KO SMART mower Be sure to see the new possibilities of the Alcohol 46.2 Li SP-W mower
and start mowing with pleasure. You can use the smart button to
find out about the charge level of the batteries. Blue means you have successfully connected to the AL-KO inTouch app
, green means your mower is charged and red means it's time to charge the device.
SMART DRIVE (display on the mower frame) Switch Battery level indicator Error message Connectivity display Eco mode (MAXRUN function) Speed increases (electronic 7-stage drive control from 2.5 to 4.5 km / h) Speed reduction SMART CONNECTED (phone connection) Both batteries' charge level indicator Connectivity status Selected mowing speed Display of the last mowing date Direct purchase of accessories and spare parts Activity log Push notifications S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek

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